Mosquito Season and The Massage Exerciser

Dreams 06.09.13
I was somewhere with friends, walking around. It was hot, there were mosquitoes everywhere and we were just dodging them as we walked. One mosquito landed on the inner left side of me knee where the fleshy part sticks out when you bend. I noticed it just in time just as it was sucking on my blood. I flicked it off with my fingers and a big droplet of blood oozed out of me as it sucked. My flicking smeared a two inch streak down my leg. Then we went inside somewhere and met other people. In our chitchat about the bugs I recounted the story to them.

A lot is forgotten…I was walking around either a life size or model sized snow covered Christmas village thing. I was supposed to look for some crunchy white chocolate candy made with candy cane slivers inside. Then I was walking around a store looking for this and for my mom. The store was aisles and aisles of Christmas stuff. Currently I was in the green aisles. There were Caucasian people with their toddlers everywhere. I enjoyed watching the kids be silly and say naive things to their parents but really I felt quite overwhelmed and out numbered.

I finally found my mom at a display of massage devices talking to a salesman and toggling over one particular device. On closer inspection these weren’t just massaging devices. They were more like physiotherapeutic devices for old people. Things that helped their frail bodies and exercise so their muscles and circulation stay functional. At first I was about to chastise my mom for wanting to buy yet another expe solve massage chair. However when I realized these devices were more than that I stopped myself. The particular one she was interested I was just the foot part of a massage chair. Instead of the mechanical rollers just squeezing the vibrating against the muscles l, this one  was like padded bicycle peddles. The person using the machine had to put their feet and toes through the peddles while sitting in a reclined massage chair. The machine moves their legs but slowly. It basically makes the person do a bicycle motion with their legs in a slow controlled fashion with their abs engaged. All the while it very gently grips the legs and massages it making sure the person stays in good form. It was quite fascinating. I took a brochure and flipped through some of the other machines available. They all seemed to have excellent and functional designs. I stuck around to listen to the salesman too.


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