Trek to A Futuristic City

WARNING: Somewhat sexually explicit

Dreams 06.11.13
I left my “house”, told my mom and uncle I was going to my piano lesson. They were coming down the stairs, yelling out after me to see if I needed a ride but I got out of there fast. When I was outside, I found myself standing on a barely paved country road stretched out far and straight on bother sides. Both sides of the road was a pine forest  or whatever you type of evergreen tree it was.

I looked right then left then started jogging in that direction. I looked at my phone at Google Maps (yep they’ve got me in my dreams too), I have about 10km to go. Visually when I read the end of the road that I can currently make out, I should almost be there.

I came to a place where the path led right into the forest. It was daytime so there was plenty of light. The footpath continued to cross a shallow and narrow stream that just flowed over some flat rocks. There were other hikers on this path as well and I watched them cross. A father crossed with his baby slowly, step by step, as his daughter watched how it was done from a higher boulder. I watched as well. I was in front of the waiting line to cross, before the daughter so after her dad and brother had passed midpoint I took a stab at it.

It really didn’t look difficult but when my shows got wet. In my head I imagined my next step to be missed. I saw myself slip on the water flowing over the rock in my head. Then I focused again and took another step, then another, and another until I had crossed the stream. When I was on the otherwise I was glad because that shortcut saved me a lot of time in my journey.

The path exited the forest eventually and there it opened up to an expertly planned area with condos, shopping centre, community centre and subway node. I must’ve saw a video presentation with a 3d visualisation of the area because I saw the graphical representation of how the subway line connected to this modern but isolated community to the main city, through the forest and country that I just came from. This complex, this area was really state of the art. It was clean, open, modern, comfortable but still surrounded by forest. And it felt very futuristic that just standing in the midst of it made you excited.

I wandered around the shopping area looking for the place where my free trial piano lesson was supposed to be. It was 5 minutes to the appointed time. I still hadn’t found the store front. I walked everywhere from the nice stores found easily on the upper paths down to the more hidden back alley stores that looked more like storage rooms. When I went through the back alleys there was another group of futuristic hipster kids walking past me. They have me this annoyed as if i was in their way look but somehow still managed to look apathetic. Despite its turns, the path they took just went around in a loop. It was an ingenious and silly construction devised by the architects to trap mall rats into a parading loop since they were just out to be seen, not to buy. It funneled them out of the way of regular shoppers but still allowed them to strut around like they were cool. Truly ingenious!

When I found my out of the loop I pretty much gave up on my free lesson but I decided to give the place a call anyways. As it rang I was nervous that the teacher who was highly recommended, would be upset that I was late. But at that point I didn’t care if I was late, I just didn’t want to go.

I decided I should call up the teacher anyway just so I feel like I’ve done my due diligence. When she picked up the phone I told her I was in her area but walked everywhere and couldn’t find the studio. I asked if she could provide a store number. She started trying to give me directions and not answering my queation. Her directions were so vague and she did not listen at all when I tried to give her a frame of reference by telling her where I was. It was very annoying. Finally through her rambling I just said I would continue looking but if I end up missing the lesson I am sorry.

I keptbon walking and wandering with no purpose, looking for any distraction from my real goal of finding this place. I wasn’t disappointed or surprised when without transition I was in a small pink room, cozily lit, decked out like a personal office space. There was a high back office chair faced away from me. When the person turned around I think it was my highschool ex. I say I think because well, shortly after arriving in this room I found myself full-on dry humping whoever it was in the chair, in just my panties. I was very conscious of just how (pardon me for being cride) stiff the thing that i was grinding against.When I realized what was going on, I thought maybe it was my highschool ex or it was my husband but I really didn’t care. I just wanted a ride and I did not want to go to piano lessons. I noted while riding this semi stranger (who resembled one or two people I know but did not say anything) that this room must be rented out per week as an office/resting space. I thought to myself, how wonderfully convenient for commuter-salea people on the road all the time to have a private rest/work/fuck space.

I believe that was all of it.


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