Cool Shower Design

Dreams 06.12.13
Woke up pretty late and many snoozes today. Lots jumbled.

I know JR was in my dream. In what capacity I have no idea. I also know I was looking at and happy about the reports I generated for work yesterday.

I know I woke up in dream, opened my mouth to speak and found my voice super hoarse. Like the air in my lungs were trapped behind the biggest rustiest gate in my esophagus. The sounds barely escaping my lips. From this I deduced that I got sick and my coworker who was very sick yesterday, whom I only talked on the phone with and did not see in person, had I given me his sickness somehow.

I wanted to call in sick and just work from home. In the dream, or possibly in a half awake state, I kept thinking and justifying why I should stay home. I thought, I’m probably not that sick since my body felt like it had enough energy to carry me through the day and I do have an important meeting about those reports I figured out yesterday. But my voice being in the condition it was in, I would barely be audible in the meeting.

In the dream, I decided to wake up, take a shower, then figure out what time it was, had I missed my bus, etc etc. Basically I was dragging my feet.

My home in the dream was nothing like my real home. It was like an apartment but with a more unique design. The kitchen area was all tiled with dark slate. The kitchen counter island, stove and fridge were raised about two feet off the ground on a platform. Behind the island was a “trench” but behind the trench was a floor to ceiling shower stall with sliding glass doors and a curtain. The openings on either side of the stall went to the bedroom in the back. It’s hard to explain, maybe I will draw a diagram later.

I went into the shower stall and turned on the water. Then I turned towards Thx light outside the stall from the kitchen and saw through the hammered glass texture of the slowing doors that I had forgotten to close the curtain. The textured glass gave me some privacy but not nearly enough as I could pretty clearly make out shapes of people doing some kind of food-related shoot in my kitchen.

I reached outside the door, tried to snake my arm out towards the edge of the curtain to pull it close. It took a bit of stretching to reach it but I did eventually. It was embarrassing because as I did, one of the crew members noticed me and stopped to watch. I think he wanted to offer to help but was afraid yo come closer unless I asked. Also we never made eye contact as my face was inside the shower stall, hidden behind the textured glass.

Finally I closed the curtain and I enjoyed a nice shower. When I turned the water off, I looked around for a towel hook for a dry towel. I saw a heap of wet different colored towels in the corner of the shower but none were dry. I remember there being towel racks on the walls just outside leading to the bedroom but knew they were bare. I stood there wondering what to do.

I forget if there was more after that. I might’ve just woken up from the alarm and snoozed many times.


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