A Geek Convention and More Fantasies

Dreams 06.14.13

There must’ve been more to the dream before where my recall begins. I feel like I had it in my head just ten minutes ago but now not a trace remains.

Bff and I arrived at an exhibition hall. We were in the main foyer. There were lots of people. It was some kind of geek convention, like manga, comics, video games and such. No shortage of cosplay here. It was a festive and exciting atmosphere. Bff and I were rushing, weaving in and out to try to get to the hall entrance.

I know why we were in a hurry. Bff had convinced me to enter a cosplay performance contest. My bit involved dressing up in a Sailor Moon-esque getup and doing a little burlesque routine. She was pretty much dragging me through the crowd, I clutched my costume in a bag with my free arm and promoters were trying to shove things in our hands while we rushed by. One of them managed to give us little pastel colored mesh bags with candy inside.

I did not want to rush. I just wanted to get in and enjoy the show and if I got comfortable enough I might enter the contest. I wouldn’t mind walking around in my costume at all. It was the getting up on stage in front of everyone part that was making me very uncomfortable at the moment. When we were blocked and could go towards the entrance no further, I “dropped” my bag of candy and squirmed my hand out of bff’s grip so I could go pick it up. Then I delayed even more by tying my shoe laces. Then before I got up I realized I “forgot” the candy and crawled around a little to look for it.

Finally bff grabbed my hand again while I was on the floor and she said, “This way! I found an opening!” Then we back tracked Thx way we came and went around another corner. Instead of leading to another entrance it actually took us to a temporary storefront setup by one of the booth operators. We stood there at the store entrance peaking inside. The entrance was surrounded by racks of t-shirts and merchandise just hanging on, I guess, the front doors. It’s like any souvenir store you might find on a main tourist street in any big city. The majority of the merchandise here was black and silver. When we locked eyes with what must’ve been the owner, I noted that this must be a Japanese goth store. The owner didn’t move but he stared at us with squinty eyes. Both of us tried to stare him down but we stopped after about 20 seconds because this wasn’t going to get us anywhere.

Then a bunch of stuff may or may not have happened that I don’t remember anymore. Next thing I remember is coming out of a hotel room into a nicely decorated, plush carpeted hallway. The walls were either yellow or the lights just colored them that way. I came out with a man. He was older than me by at least 5 years, very well dressed, handsome and authoritative. I’d say he was a Don Draper type just because I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men lately but he didn’t actually resemble him at all.

As soon as we were out the door he grabbed my waist and gently pinned me against the wall. I got a good look at his face. He wasn’t anybody I knew, maybe a mix of features. I held his face and chin and pressed my lips up against his for a nice long wet kiss. Just as our lips parted, he flipped me so that my back was to him and this time pinned me against the wall with his entire body. I couldn’t move at all. His big hands held me so firmly at the waist and hips. His lips were beside my ears, whispering something I couldn’t even hear because I was so excited, my heart was pounding. I could feel the weight of his body against me, warm and muscular. Through the material of my dress I could feel the texture of his suit fabric and I could feel the extra warm hard something nestled between my upper ass cheeks, just resting against my back. He whispered another few words which again I couldn’t hear and then he walked away.

My entire body felt the weight removed but ached for the feeling to return. I felt the cool air and got goosebumpy, wishing his warm body was against mine again. I turned around expecting to see him walking away just a few feet down the hall but he was gone, without a trace. I looked down at the floor beside my feet and saw a green embellished, bejewelled piece of fabric. It was so embellished it looked like a belly dancer’s scarf. I bent over to pick it up and as soon as I touched it realized they were panties, my panties, and they were ripped and damaged. Most of the jewels were still there but there was a whole piece missing near the back.

I looked up and around to see if anyone saw a torn pair of panties just laying about, or that I was standing there inspecting it. There was no one. I was disappointed that they were torn. They were so pretty. I looked around again for someone to blame somehow but again there was no one. Then I saw a sliver of sun light on the floor, coming through the doorway from which I had just exited. I turned towards it, put one hand on it, about to push it open to see what’s causing the blinding light. I heard my mother calling me down the hall, telling me to hurry and come meet her down the hallway. I looked in her direction briefly as I continued to push open the door.

Then I stepped into the light.


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