Excursion to the Mall

Dreams 06.18.13
I was hanging out inside a clothing store with female coworkers that I didn’t know well. The girls went roaming and chattering off to the fitting rooms so I just kind of stood waiting. I do shop normally. It was just that nothing in this store interested me in the slightest bit.

Then I saw my boss from across the store. He was standing around like a fool as well. I guess he must’ve been waiting for his fiancée. Finally as his eyes roamed about looking for a place to settle, I caught his eye. He had a look of relief on his face and he made his way to me through the obstacle course of racks. We made casual conversation as we waited. Occasionally other shoppers needed to get by us and either pushed us or we got a little closer to each other to let them pass. Then it seemed like we were waiting just a little too long. The chit chat dried up and we stood awkwardly close to each other amongst the crowd of clothing racks. I wondered what his fiancée was like. Would my friends come back before she was done? Would I would get to meet her?

Then I was still in he mall but now at a large food stall, standing in a roped off line up. The line was for ordering at the counter. Beside the order counter there was a large ceiling to counter glass, separating the kitchen from the general area that allowed passersby to look at the chefs working. Steam and busy chefs flew about inside. You can almost imagine the smells in there. I looked out from the line up and saw my boss again standing in the middle of the large food stall, waiting again for his fiancée who was nowhere to be seen. We smiled at each other at the coincidence and he smile-mocked me for wanting this food so badly that I would bother waiting in line.

Then I was walking with my girlfriends again. We had met a couple of older men who said they could give us a ride. One of them was JR, the other was his friend, an even older man in his early 60’s. We were walking down a set of white stairs that led to the basement parking lot.

The old man walked about twenty feet ahead of JR. I was just behind while my girlfriends continued to giggle and gossip with each other about five feet behind me. The old man had said something loudly back at us. Only me and JR heard him and barely at that. Then as we were walking down the steep staircase, JR leaned back, looked up at me and made a joke, a mulled over punchline to whatever the older man had said. The stairs were steep and when he leaned back and paused, the distance between us closed and he basically leaned his head against my stomach. Whatever he said was funny, something about the old man’s wife. I laughed at it but the joke had no effect on the other girls.

Then we resumed the descend down the stairs but I remember JR’s head or his scent smelled really good. I tried to breath in whatever remained around me so I could remember it and recall it in the future.


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