3 for 1: Click, Smule and Feast

Dreams 06.24.13
I arrived at a restaurant with my family. We entered a small richly decorate private dining room. Inside was a round table that sat 10 people. Half the table was filled with people I didn’t know, a family.

We said our polite greetings and sat down. I shuffled in to the inner most unoccupied seat. Sitting to my left was a 15 or 16 year old boy. He was handsome and actually looked older, blogger than hi AGR except for the extremely boyish smile he had.

Everyone else was getting in with their own conversations. The boy seemed very excited to be sitting beside me. Hr started telling me all the ideas he had for inventions. He even had sketches and drawings with him. They were in a pile on the floor beside us. I felt a little weird that this teenage boy was giving me all his attention and wanting me to give him all my attention in return but at the same time everything he was talking about was extremely interesting. In fact half of it I had thought of myself and we just really clicked with each other. When he brought up something I knew what he was talking about, I wasn’t just smiling and nodding. His happiness at my responses said to me that most people did not get him at all.

We carried on like that for the entire length of dinner and I just couldn’t help but feel strange about our age difference and the fact that my whole family was right there, my husband whom I didn’t even say a single word to, was at my side.

Dreams 06.23.13
I was running down a busy street looking for a small Japanese restaurant. It was a sunny and humid day and I ran about two blocks past the place before I realized exactly where it should be. I headed back and found it. It was called Smule like the Songify company.

I went through the street level door and up a narrow steep set of stairs. At the top of the stairs was a glass door which opened to a tiny restaurant. There was a large counter window separated from the door by a small waiting couch. To the right, behind the door were 4 small tables. Behind the counter wall was the kitchen.

I remember my younger god brother sitting on the couch. He was giving me marital and general life advice. I didn’t think it was very helpful as it was very generic but I was appreciative nonetheless and happy to see him.

Dreams 06.22.13
I had to prepare food for a mandatory family gathering. It felt like it was for a wake. For whom, I have no idea. We had to go to a hall and we had a room booked with a few tables laid out, dressed and ready for the spread we were to bring.

I remember “driving” there stuck in traffic. It was raining so I was upside down in/on my upside down flying carpet so the food and I wouldn’t get wet. I have no idea how we were strapped it.

Then we were at the hall and the food i made when laid out looked like an absolute feast, as if we brought caterers. I was surprised too because I had no idea I made so much food. I looked over at one of the other people who brought something, they had a bag of limes.

Then people arrived and the tables were getting filled. Husband wanted to go and said we should just slip out. I scolded him because I knew this was his family and we were apparently hosting so it didn’t make sense to leave. He kept insisting anyways and a few people next yo us started to notice the conversation. Then I decided to just give in but not without a fight or causing a scene so that we must face the humiliation and scorn from people instead of skipping it if we had snuck out. As we turned from the table we were at and I was bitching at him, I knew that we had turned into different people. I had become some character that looked like Elizabeth Banks and he became some other actor. As we walked out bickering, I could feel all eyes on us.


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