Morning of Three Wakes

Dreams 06.25.13
I snoozed on the alarm again. And in the span of 40 minutes had two false awakenings and the real one. Both times I fake woke, I was too preoccupies with not being late for work to realize I was dreaming.

After the first wake, I was relatively early for my morning routine before heading out the door. I rolled out of bed and went downstairs to let the dog out. The back door was only sort of in its regular place. I stead of to the back I was kind of the side-back. Like the kitchenette area jut out onto the deck as a small square room so the door was on the side wall of that room. The dog wasn’t right beside me like most days. She’s as lazy as her mum. I slid open the backdoor and called out her name hoping the sound of the door opening would rouse her. When I said her name that’s when I noticed the beautiful colors and contrasting scene outside. The sum was rising, except the colors of purple pink and orange it was creating are usually only visible at sunset. There was also a white windy haze and the trees were swaying wildly. When I looked at the deck, which was painted that deck red color (not in real life) I saw showers of tiny hail pellets hitting it in waves. I assumed it would be cold out but I was curious because the weather forecast called for a hot and humid day. I stuck my hand outside and it was a strange sensation. It was like being inside a sauna room that had been turned off about 10 minutes ago. So there was a residual heat permeating the air as my arm was whipped with thousands of cool mini hail pellets. Imagine a hot day and it starts misting rain. It was kind of light that except the mist stings a little and is much more forceful and along with it was a chilled breeze. Whatever this strange weather was called I was happy to have seen it. It also made me think those weather forecasters don’t know what they ate talking about.

Then I woke for a second time. There was an orange glow from the sun coming through the blinds. It looked like it would be a beautiful hot summer day. I realized I had been dreaming and welcomed the thought that a beautiful day without hail awaited. I looked at the clock and at first it seemed like I had just enough time but I would need to rush. As I hurriedly tried to pull some clothes on, I did the calculations in my head and realized I woke up 2 minutes before the last morning bus that comes through my neighbourhood leaves. There was no way I would make it. I started freaking out. Husband woke up and asked me what’s going on in a haze. I said, “I’m not going to make it into work, that’s what!”

Then I went downstairs and walked through the garage, also different from real life. It was a two-car but lengthwise. Inside was an old Chevy. I couldn’t tell what color because it was covered in junk. Also there were a bunch of people just hanging out in the garage. I didn’t know who they were or why they were hanging out in my garage but I didn’t want to deal with them so I tries to weave through to go out the garage’s back door.

Then I passed by a big guy. I did a double take. It was John Goodman! In my dream he was my childhood neighbour whom I also had a couple summers working with on some outside semi manual labour job. I said hello to him and at first he didn’t recognize me. Then a smile spread across his face and he remembered my name. It was nice to see a familiar face amongst these strangers.

He asked me how I’ve been what I’ve been up to? Why haven’t I been in touch? My first instinct was to defend myself and deflect. I made up some stupid excuse. In hindsight, why does the responsibility of keeping in touch lie with me? I returned the question and asked what he’s been up to. He said a bunch of a stuff that I barely heard. The only thing I picked up on was that he played badminton. I said, “oh you play badminton!” Then he said, “Do you?” And I told him I did a long time ago maybe I should play with him. I picked up an old racket in its sleeve off the garage walls and opened it up.

I twirled it in front of him and said, “Looks pretty pitiful doesn’t it.” Hr smiled and we made a date to go play badminton and catch up. Then I exited through the back door.

Then my third and real wake. I lay in bed wondering if I was dreaming again. I either checked the clock at the food of the phone, saw the time and laid back down. It said I had enough time but I was still sleepy. Also I doubted again whether I really did have enough time because I remembered the last wake up. Finally I checked the quality of light coming through the blinds. It looked a bit grey out. I checked the weather forecast on my phone. It said it would be hot but there would be thunder showers. I took that as a sign that I was really awake and finally rolled out of bed.


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