A Haunted Concert

Dreams 07.02.13
I didn’t try hard to remember all the details this morning so a lot of cool details are lost.

I was at a concert. However the concert was held at this old abandoned or haunted house. The house was grey and gloomy but it had a very long hallway. One wall of the hallway had been wrecked ages ago so in actuality it opened up to a huge garden/greenhouse/auditorium and that’s where the stage was built. Most of the audience were pushed up against each other in that space. The hallway bit was actually the back of the herd of people.

I remember looking up over at my concert buddy who was taller than me with a look of “Isn’t it amazing?” Then suddenly felt a chilly gust wash over the crowd. It wasn’t just a cold breeze. It also brought w it a spirit, a haunting and creepy feeling. The act was some dramatic goth rock band though so it just enhanced the experience.

Later in the dream I remember watching Ginnifer Goodwin’s character from Once Upon a Time “talk” telepathically to the coworker who sits in the cubicle across from me. They were on the trail of some murderer and Ginnifer Goodwin was standing somewhere in the haunted house property over a bunch of smudgy dark blue marks on the ground and my coworker was somewhere else, maybe on a roadside by a forest. I remember seeing ur and thinking this is weird, one is from a real world and one is not.


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