Alone in a Trendy Asian Department Store

Not a whole lot of detail again today. I was with bff and her husband and another couple people, one of them possibly my mother. We got off an escalator and arrived on the women’s fashion floor of a large multi level Asian department store. I say specifically that it’s Asian because the clothes and decor was very trendy. Every corner and section were like mini stores of their own, boutiques for individual designers, decorated differently. Some had hardwood floors, some were all chrome and white shelves, others were different in its own way with lots of curtains – whatever fit the brand.

There were a lot of people in the store. It felt like a special shopping day. We roamed into one mini-store in a corber which had hardwood floors, purple curtains as the walls, separating the display area with the fitting rooms. The clothing was very cute and Gothic lolita style. I picked up some accessories and purses to look at while i think bff went to try something on. She didn’t take long in the fitting room as the size she grabbed wasn’t right. However when she came out and I looked around, her husband was nowhere to be found. Then I looked back to where she was and she was gone, so were the other people who were with us.

The department store was still very busy. I focused my eyes further out into the crowd, my friends were no where to be found. I wondered how I could find them in this sea of people. Then I think I spent the rest of the dream roaming the store looking for my friends although other stuff may have happened and I just can’t recall today.


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