Hobby Meeting and A Visit to My Sister

Dreams 07.08.13
I dreamt that I went back to HK on my own to visit my sister and brother in-law. My nephew had grown and he was walking around. Their apartment was a lot bigger with a spare room that I could stay in. I recall flipping through hangers of clothes in the closet, whose walls were painted a pale pink.

I remember looking at their front entrance area and asking them to confirm whether they had some renovation done. My sister confirmed it. She said the front hall used to not be divided into a separate little hallway/room. But somehow it used to feel even more enclosed and clustered. Now the entrance way was its own little room where all the shoes were contained and then there was a door that led out and a window that allows you yo see the person entering right away.

Now that I write this I recall another part of the dream before this. I was sitting at the front row of a movie theatre. The lights had just come on. I was sitting with four other people. I had volunteered for some local film hobbyist committee. The four of us introduced ourselves to each other before going our separate ways. There were two women, me and another tall skinny girl. I think her name started with a J and she was from something called  “cine-east” or “cine-vista”. There was another guy who I thought was kind of hot. And the final guy actually was one of my old university professors. He was German and had the most delightful accent.

I think it was after I left the theatre that I descended multiple levels of a large shopping mall. I remember going down the escalators multiple times each time seeing the people milling about on each floor, so tiny like ants, then getting bigger as I went down each level. Finally I descended the last escalator into the subway system. I remember not being sure whether I should step left or to the right when I got off the escalator as I wasn’t sure which way I was going to get to my sister’s place. Right was north bound I think but that doesn’t really make sense on the HK system. I was thinking about it more in Toronto terms. Another detail I do remember is the station colors were green and white.


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