Belly Rubs

Dreams 07.11.13
Not sure why but having a really hard time this week with my recalls. My energy is drained more than usual and work isn’t that busy so I’m not sure what is happening. Last night I lay there for a good 15-20 telling myself to remember my dreams. This is all I have.

My fat lazy bulldog was lying on a couch. I went up to pet her and she rolled over like a whale so I could rub her belly. I noticed that as I pet her she was getting blotchy pink under her fur. I was a little bit concerned but I’ve also seen it before when she was really hot. It’s just never been quite so pink and quite so uneven. The experience of petting her was really awesome though. We really bonded. She never once looked up at my face but she would keep shuffling on her back to expose a different part of her belly for me to rub.


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