Summer BBQ, Dog Walking and Noisy Appliances

Dreams 07.13.13
I am at home and there is a BBQ going on. Lots of people were there, friends and friends of friends. I really didn’t interact with many people. I was really just roaming about feeling the good vibes. I step outside on the deck and look up to the sky. I see a beautiful sun and cloud scene. It was like I had filtered sin glasses on. The sky was a deep blue bit the sun seemed big and there were oranges and pinks. The big fluffy clouds passing in front of the sun had these wonderful golden outlines. I was just in awe of it but I seemed to be the only one who cared. I went to grab my husband/boyfriend who was being a good host. In the dream he was actor Hugh Jackman. He definitely didn’t seem to appreciate the beautiful scenery as much as me but he took my hand and came with me to look smiling all the way. He was appreciating my excitement for what I wanted to show him.

When we went back inside he pinned me to the floor playfully and I looked up at him with much love. I ran my hands through his hair and gazed into his eyes. When I did this I saw how incredibly handsome and kind he was and I felt a lot of love. However I also realized the love I had for him was not that much or not in the “right way”. We didn’t say anything and he kissed me anyway. We made out on the floor for a bit as party went on around us.

The party left the house and we all headed over to a boat party. We walked past security / ticket girls. The party was a pay what you want, bring your own booze type of thing. I gave the girl a 20 and she seemed surprised then i noticed the fiver that Hugh Jackman had given her. We continued to cross the street towards the boat which I could see in the background on this beautiful sunny day.

In another dream, I was walking my EEG in the neighbourhood I grew up in. We had wandered about 15 minutes away and I realized I was on my bike. I decided I probably couldn’t properly ride and wall the dog at the same time so I turned around to go back.

On the way, I notice a small 3 man camera crew. Two of them seemed to be tangled in a mess of mic and audio cables. I rode by and helped the camera assistant take off his headset and the mic pack. When I looked at one of the other guys I thought maybe I knew the camera dude.

I arrived home to a small HK apartment. The kitchen was near the front door but it had no proper door of its own, only a yellow plastic folding screen which was open. I heard a loud buzzing. I looked up on top of fridge and saw that an electric toothbrush was not turned off. I reached up to turn it off just as my mom/sister sleepily comes round the corner corner to do the same. When she saw me, she looked at me as if I turned it on on purpose, why was I making such a racket, then wandered back to bed.


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