Work Hard, Bus Harder

Dreams 07.17.13
I dreamt that I had just worked a late shift at a second job. Now I was trying to make a 2-transfer commute home on the night buses in a rural area. It sucked. I got off at a transfer point and walked into a bus station waiting area with several seats, a newsstand and vending machines. It was late and I was hungry so I started looking at the machines but I didn’t want to waste money on junk food either. I kept looking and saying to myself, “You can make it the way home.”

Then an old film production mentor saw me. I was embarrassed under my own circumstances but he didn’t know them so we chatted for a bit. At least it distracted me from the junk food. Then I realized my bus stop was just passing by. In fact I wasn’t in a bus station, I was on a station sized moving bus. Anyway we had just stopped at my stop but because I was distracted I didn’t get off. I tried dinging the bell again but the bus driver didn’t stop. So I found the emergency exit door and force pushed it open. I heard the driver yell at me to stop but I pushed it open and jumped off onto the road as the bus slowly moved away from the bus stop.

Somehow I found myself back on the bus. Maybe it’s a different bus I am really not sure. But I found one of my work reports getting on the bus. When she saw me she beamed and we started chatting. She was just going home because she just worked overtime to do something I assigned her. I felt a need to reward her even though I didn’t really have the means. I blurted out that I would take her to dinner anywhere she wanted. As I pushed her to think of a place, I found myself eating chicken wings, really picking away at them and sacking down the meat. Sometimes I dropped them on the dirty bus floor when the bus jerked but I picked them up and kept eating anyway. I was anxious as I heard my report name a few places she wanted to go for food. They were far and expensive. I felt very indignant for some reason.

That’s all I can remember really but I feel like there was another part of the dream I am completely blocking out. I keep thinking there were scenes of an empty pink closet and n’ doing something in it, other people yelling things at me from another room. But somehow I think that could also have been another dream.


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