Zombie virus

Dreams 07.18.13
I was in a little dorm room with a bunk bed in it. Someone was in the bottom bunk, sick, blowing their nose and sounding horrible. I stood, blowing my nose as well but less than other person. When I looked at my big hanky it was covered in gross green slime

My cousin came to the door to ask how I was. I told her to stay away. I shouldn’t be in the contagious phase anymore and neither was the other person but just in case. In my mind I had a clear visual timeline of the course of this sickness which actually could turn you into a zombie or you just become a carrier of the virus.

Then I was standing outside in front of a line of abandoned cars blocking the way to barrels of medicine for the zombie virus. A couple of cars were fighting with me sliding and skidding trying to get in between the gaps of the line of cars without hitting me. We all wanted to get at the barrels first hut they were darting around. It really didn’t make much sense but there was just a sense of urgency and danger. It was important to get to it first.


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