Summer Party Clean-Up

Dreams 07.19.13
There was a very chill, summer backyard party happening. I dream of gatherings a lot, don’t I? There were a lot of people, not too sure if it was at my house or not but there was a very good vibe. I actually don’t remember much detail of it just the feeling. Also I remember my POV when I stepped outside onto the back deck. It was like I was viewing it through a super wide angle lens. The deck looked huge and it was painted red-brown, and although there were lots of people it didn’t feel crowded. There was a large tree to the left that gave shade to a portion of the yard. The sky was a perfect blue and it was bright and sunny.

Then I guess it was after the party. We were cleaning up. Our friend and his fiancée were there as well helping me clean. I remember the guy trying to get by me while cleaning and playfully gave my butt a squeeze and a tap. Then my husband made some joke about him wanting me. No one laughed or thought it funny. His fiancée did not hear or see this. I felt embarrassed even though I hadn’t done anything but I gave them both a look telling them they were acting inappropriately.


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