Underwater Recordings

Dreams 07.24.13
I don’t know the exact context of this dream. I’m happy just to remember anything given the horrible recalls the past week and the short night’s sleep.

I was in some apartment building that was built like a government housing project. It was poor looking with lots of concrete, just basic. Each floor had a central area with a long hallway balcony that overlooked into the courtyard below.

I think I had come out of one apartment and moved/floated to another room, opened a utility cabinet. The entire building was flooded in water up to my chest. When I walked around sometimes I had to doggie paddle but it seemed to be the norm, like the water didn’t seem off. Anyway I tool out some thongs out of the utility closet.

One was a floating inflatable bucket. I set up two other pieces around it. One was a submersible camera which I stuck to the bottom of the bucket. The second was a microphone which needed to stay dry so I stuck it inside the bucket. As soon as I put it in there I could crystal clear sound coming onto my ears. I talked out loud and could hear my voice through the water but not muffled. I was proud of my rig.

I went back to the room I came from and some friends, two guys and one pretty flamboyant gay dude were all giving me kudos for a job well done.


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