Rescue Call

Dreams 07.26.13
I was in a large rustic looking bar environment, sitting at a long bench table with friends and strangers. The table was covered with drinks and bottles. I only had a couple in front of me. One was a wheaty tasting beer and the other a honey cider of some sort. I commented to someone next to me that I’ve never tried this before but one goes very well with the other’s aftertaste. It was a great pairing. We were all having laughs about other things as well.

At some point I get a phone call from  husband to pick him up from some town. I asked the name and how far. As he was telling me that it was only a couple hours away, I stood on the seat and looked at the gigantic map on the wall that was just part of the bar’s decoration. As he laid out the info i was tracing my finger on the map, jumping from town to town to find the destination and routes.

The conversation went quickly. He just spit out details, I confirm that I got it then we hung up. By the end of the conversation I had just figured out which towns and route I would take to get to this Freeman’s Point (If it wasn’t called that it was something very similar) and realized it was at least 3 and a half hours away. Then I realized there was never a question of whether it was fine for me to drive either the “couple hours” at night to pick him up or even in the morning. I’m pretty sure he expected me that night although we never even specified.

Then I was faced with the fact that I was probably going anyway but I had checked into the motel next door for that night. This meant tonight’s room fee was completely wasted. Then I looked around at the merriment around my table and realized I would be walking away from all this as well to drive for 3 and a half hours to “rescue” him on my own down a dark and lonely road. I knew I could make the ride enjoyable but to what end.


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