Dreams 07.27.13
Running away down a street. People behind us tying to kill me and my fellow runaway. We saw an old SUV parked on the end of a cobblestone street. We try to get in. When our hands were on the door handles we realized the body of the car was gone and we were looking at just a frame. We ran away.

Then I was alone running away inside a cave. I could hear the shuffling footsteps behind and echoing throughout in pursuit of me. I looked for places to hide. Then I found a door in a crevice so I went behind and looked through the port hole of a window. Then I saw and heard a wise little creature that looked like a 2 foot high Jabba the Hut. He slithered his way to the porthole and started speaking in a strange language. Weirdly enough I understood it. He said to me to take the opportunity and escape now. I was still hiding hoping he wouldn’t see me but obviously he knew I was there as his message was directed at me. He did not wait for my response or for me to come out the door. He just slithered away and disappeared.

When he was gone I peeked out to make sure he coast was clear. Then I snuck out of the cave.

I was still running but now I was at the top of the stairs in my childhood home looking down and towards the front door. I wanted to ask someone to save me. I looked into the master bedroom expecting to see a father/brother figure there, someone who could save me and take me out of here but instead I saw that he (whoever it was) rolling around, hair dishevelled, in the big comfy bed.

I was annoyed and angry. I was on my own. I fled down the stairs and towards the front door. I saw a steel bar across it. Dammit, I thought, an obstacle but o could get it off probably. Then on closer look I saw there was a combination lock on it as well. Then I got really upset. I ran into the kitchen to fond the person responsible for this. I meant to go in and just rage at her. When I found her she was sitting on the kitchen counter, cross legged, on the phone surrounded by a pile of bills and letters. She was the woman who played Louis’s love interest on the show Suits.

When she saw me come on she briefly laid her eyes on me and then quickly disregarded my presence. I tried to get her attention, waving my hands and stomping around in front of her. She just turned or looked away avoiding eye contact. Then finally she looked at me and shooed me away with her hand gestured and loudly shushed me. I was so annoyed. Now I can’t remember if I got out in the end.


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