Crowded Conventions, A Foul Feast and Icy Roads

Dreams 07.28.13
I was making my way up a set of stairs to get off a very busy convention floor. Everywhere the exits and exit stairs were blocked and people were trying to get in from these points as well. My sister and another person followed behind, questioning my decision to go up those particular flight of steps because there were people going the other way as well. The stairs were covered in convention color flaps and banners and it was weird this was a path at all since it was super narrow.

When we finally made it to the top it was so nice to have room and empty space around. I started walking down the hall. My sister had walked forward ahead. She stood there looking at me with a stern look on her face. I yelled at her, “What?!” She said nothing nothing, just continued to look at me reappointed and angy. I realized I was supposed to look after that third person and now she as stuck behind somewhere. I turned back and saw her trying to get past a small crowd at the elevators. It should’ve been easy to push through the crowd but somehow she couldn’t so was stuck.

I walked into a highschool cafeteria. There seemed to be a special meal being served. I walked all the way across the room to the L-shaped serving stations and got a good close up look at the wonderful home style cooking. Carrots and veggies, mashed potatoes and a dark gravy, prime rib and turkey and just all your holiday foods. It looked delicious but somehow I knew a secret about it all. That if I said anything the ladies who made the food behind the counter would not forgive me. In fact they would probably poison me. I saw a few of them eyeing me as they fake smiled and served their food to the other people. I decided not to take any food even though I really wanted to.

Then was on a mobility scooter. It was a fairly rugged model. It didn’t have big arm rests on the side like a full wheelchair so it could maneuver better in a way. Instead of a mini joystick on an armrest, its joystick was a big long one, the size of a cane. So when you sit in it, you have your hand out moving the joystick cane just to the right of you.

I rolled up along a country road and onto a side path that was the entrance to a farm. I stopped and looked out at the field in its morning mist and fog, in awe of its beauty. Then I tried to go forward and realized I was stuck. My wheels were not going over the dried tractor trails. I moved the scooter back and forth some more and dislodged myself. Then I decided I should turn around and go home.

I got along the main road less than 5 minutes when the scene around me quickly changed from fall to winter. The roads were covered in light snow and ice suddenly. My scooter lost traction and I was stuck in the middle of nowhere on a country road. My house was, I guessed, about two to three country blocks away, which meant at least 45 minutes plus if I walked fast and knew exactly where I was going, which I didn’t.

I sat there in my now useless scooter wondering what to do. I was so proud of its versatility before and now it is completely out of its element. I wasn’t exactly in the best condition to try to wall home (In my dream I had injured myself) but if I didn’t I could just freeze because it was very likely that no one would come down this road. It would be very cold and painful to walk as well. There was a real risk that I might pass out and then no one would find me but I could make it, I said to myself. There would be people at the house. It would be warm. I would want to make sure I get there.

In the end I’m sure I decided I would walk although it wasn’t a part of the dream.


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