Death by Dead Wood

Dreams 07.30.13
There were two main details I remembered earlier this morning. Now I only remember one. Maybe the other will come back to me later.

I walked out the backyard door down through the neighbour’s yards with a friend. It must’ve been fall time as the ground was covered in yellow and orange leaves. It was also night time.

We looked up and saw the tree branches lit with orange streetlights, swaying in the wind. Then a strong gust whooshed through the tree tops and we could hear the howl. Then there was some cracking. Then behind us along the path where we had walked, a loud crack and a thud. A branch had fallen.

We walked back towards it to take a look. It wasn’t that big a branch. It was an old dead piece about 5 very long, bent and straggly. Then we heard the wind whirling up top followed by many more cracks and further down the path we saw more branches fall. We looked at each other and thought maybe this wasn’t the best place to stand.

As we hurriedly walked back towards our own backyard, branches big and small were falling or about to fall around us. We actually couldn’t run because the ground was so covered with random branches it would’ve been easy to trip. Then suddenly out of no where a huge heavy piece of wood fell into place just before us. When I say huge I mean this piece was 4 feet thick and a solid stump, like an oversized piece of firewood and it just dropped, plopped directly in front of us.

We didn’t know where it came from or what happened. We just knew that we narrowly missed death and we had better get the hell out of there.

We entered the house through the backyard door again and saw husband and his fiancée sitting in the family room. We tried to explain what had just happened to us how it was amazing being out there but also how we just missed being crushed but the two of them didn’t seem to be paying much attention. They weren’t watching TV or talking to each other really. They just didn’t seem that interested in what we were saying.


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