Super Dogs and A Forgotten Wedding

Dreams 08.03.13

Happy August long weekend! I didn’t go to bed until very late last night. I have the house to myself (well, sans husband), hopefully until Sunday afternoon which I am quite happy about.  So even though I turned out the lights at 4am, it was one of the first nights in a long while when I reminded myself to “remember your dreams”. It’s definitely been a while and I am a bit rusty.

Dream One:
I was in a small gymnasium type of room. There were a lot of people seated on the floor in 2 rows, across from each group with a clear aisle about 10 feet apart in the middle. I arrived with my group of coworkers. The lights were dim, spotlights coming from somewhere were circling the empty aisle.  It looked like a show was about to start. Then I heard an announcer introduce the performers. I knew then it was some kind of dog tricks/handling show based on the names. I was excited to see it because I love dogs. I remember how I had once told all my coworkers that I was so crazy for dogs that if one entered my peripheral vision, I could not help but stare at it until it was gone. I felt happy or relieved that my coworkers actually listened to me and brought me here. They weren’t purposely making this outing a big occasion but I knew I was the guest of honour, which felt very nice.

I saw the spotlights move around, then the crowd cheered.  We were in the back row and I am short. So sitting on the floor I couldn’t see anything.  Then I tried to kneel on my knees but still, all I could see was the head of the performer and it looked like he was running around. I was getting pretty disappointed because I really wanted to see what these amazing animals were doing.

Then suddenly, the spotlight shone on me. I was temporarily blinded. Then I felt hands pick me up by the sides, with ease, like I was a baby. Then I realized it was the performer, a very big, tall man. He picked me up and he sat down.. Now the room seemed more like a large lounge. All my coworkers were seated on the couches and lounge chairs, around a coffee table in front of me. The performer had plopped me on his knees, again like I was a child, or like his girlfriend. He called out to his dogs and one of them, a big furry long haired dog, kind of like a retriever came around and said hello by brushing past everyone’s legs. Then he called out for another one and it was this big bulldog puppy, white with grey spots. She was so adorable and I instantly felt an affinity to her because she reminded me of my dog. As I was petting this dog, all of a sudden I knew that the show wasn’t just a show about dogs. There must be more to these dogs. As I looked into the eyes of the puppies that were called over, I knew there was something wild about them. They had a touch of wolf or coyote in them. I quickly had a flashback or memory of when I was 8 or 9, and I was jumped by a dog. I was with family, at a motel where the restaurant served game meat. The chef/hunter brought us out back to see his hunting dogs, all tied to a tree. I was drawn to the biggest one, which turned out to be half wolf half dog, the one who jumped me when I walked up just a bit too close. I wondered briefly whether my coworkers or the performer somehow knew this story of mine.

Dream Two:
I tried to chain the dream after I woke up for a wee. Didn’t quite work but the timelne continued. It was after the dog show and now all my coworkers and I were off to another thing, this time a wedding. I felt like only some of us were invited and most of us were kind of crashing. Now there’s much more here that I don’t remember. I remember that my old highschool friend Zan was there but not what happened. I remember that I was in the washroom where all the ladies were touching up their makeup. I was doing the same but I did a double take when I looked closer to  my face. My eyebrows were all stubbly like I had shaved them 5 days ago and they were just growing back. I was horrified. I looked over at my coworkers and the people around me, questioning silently, “How long has it been this way and was anybody gonna tell me?” People just kept quiet, not wanting to upset me further.

Again, I feel like there was more to the dreams now but cannot remember. I should just go enjoy the day now, it is so beautiful outside. My dog is waiting for me patiently to take her for a walk so bye!


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