Hospitality from Strangers

Dreams 08.08.13
A group of about 6-8 of us, friends and maybe family, were car travelling together through rural areas. Bff was with us and we stopped at a house she found for us to stay at for a week.

It was decorated in a very typical white country home style. Light sheer off white curtains, a well used fabric couch in a ghastly color with crocheted throws and pillows. The floor was carpeted. The wood dining room table covered in a white lace table cloth. There were framed pictures of flowers on the walls. The place was old fashioned but clean and very well kept.

We all squished ourselves into the couches and made ourselves comfortable. I commented to bff that she found a great place for us to stay over for a few days. It was a lovely home.

Then I got up to fond the washroom. I saw a dark wood deck in the backyard and a hot tub out there. The washroom had little pastel colored animal shaped soaps.

When I got back to the main area, half the people were sitting at the round dining table. There were new people with us. The woman, was the owner and her two young adults sons were sitting at the table chit chatting with the group. I was surprised to see the owners because i expected our group to have the house to ourselves. I wasn’t quite sure how to act but everyone was being friendly although the conversation did feel awkward and forced.

As we talked it seemed like time had slowed down and the conversations seemed to drag. Then I noticed that somehow I was the only one left at the table with these strangers and I felt very anxious. They had become quiet as well and I felt the weight and responsibility of trying to carry on the conversation, worried of being impolite if I made an excuse to leave the table.


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