Emergency, Guilty, Crude

Dreams 08.08.13
I snoozed many times today at 5 minute increments and had a false awakening which led to me remembering dreams. I don’t know if all this happened in the same dream or if they were chained.

So I opened my eyes checked the clock and noticed that husband was not there beside me. I worried for half a second wondering if he had to go to his side job in the middle of the night but decided I didn’t actually care because it was nice to just worry about me. After that I must’ve drifted off to sleep again. It turned out he had to go out for an emergency.

For some reason when I realized there was an emergency I worried about what it could be. I was worried for his family. I walked out to the driveway and he pulled in. He looked tired and angry. When he got out of the car he walked right peasy me into the house. Then I understood. He went to get his niece who was just pulling into the driveway in a van driven by a bunch of her black and brown friends. (I think I might be a but racist in my dreams) She looked indignant and rebellious. They didn’t say a word to me and barely glanced at me.

Then I was back in the house and was confronted by a dirty looking white trashy young man. He was holding a pillow and he was manipulatively begging, urging me to turn up the AC since he had been out in the heat all day. He looked very sweaty. I said I would turn it up but not too much because it costs a lot of electricity but he kept trying to guilt trip me. I walked towards the thermostat and was met with someone I can only describe as the authoritative man of the house (not a real person). I felt the need to explain my actions to him and he looked at me like I was a fool being played.

The authoritative man must’ve sent me outside because I did. Next thing I know, I was in a playground beside a small ditch. I see early 20 year oldhobo Ben Affleck and Matt Damon sitting by this gutter/stream Ben said something which I forget now and Matt maked a crude joke, something about whipping out his dick, jizzing all over it before giving it back. Ben laughed but seemed grossed out anyways.

After that I don’t remember anything.


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