Catch Up With Friends

Dreams 08.13.13
I was sitting at a table in what I imagined to be a little Japanese izakaya even though I’ve never been in one. This one I imagined to have all wood everything. The wood is very dark aged and looks almost shiny wet in some places or damp. It’s like the entire place inside and out had been soaked in water forever.

I sat there having a drink and eating small dishes with a couple of women, my non existent girlfriends. One of them might have been bff but I’m not sure as she didn’t say much. The other one was the same age as me but she seemed a little older. She tells us about her experiences and I find out that she is divorcee who is now a publisher of one of Canada’s top child rearing magazines. (Weird combo to dream about, I know)

We weren’t really sharing anything bad nor was she bitter in telling her stories. She merely recalled what happened and even reminisced about the thoughts that went through her head at the time. She wrapped it all up by saying, well you don’t become a top publisher at this particular magazine with no life experience. That’s not verbatim but it was something like that.

Then we went upstairs to my room. Actually now it felt like I owned this izakaya and I lived upstairs. The stairs were steep that you almost had to crawl up. The stairs led up right to the front of the upper room. The TV, game console and entertainment system was on that side of the room. The rest of the floor was setup with 3 sets of futons. We were having a good old fashioned sleepover Japanese style.

A video game was on the TV. I told my friends to pick up the controller to start playing while I finished folding some laundry. The game was a multiplayer 3rd person top down cooperative hack and slash. It was also a massive multiplayer online environment. Currently we were in 4 player split screen mode even though we only had 3. I checked my TV to see if it Waz big enough to play this way or would it be way too annoying. Then I decided not to worry since I have no solution anyway.

Finally I joined in and picked up a controller. The other players had a bit of a headstart on me in getting used to the controls. We were approaching and area where we needed to enter 4 side by side pipes and come out on the other side. When we went in the camera following in and went to a profile view instead. Here were rips in the pipes and I was fascinated with the art and details and got my character and group’s cameras stuck. My friends started griping and I kept trying to jump in back through the gap in the pipe. It looked possible especially since I hopped out but right now it was just not happening.

I think I was very excited to play this game because it was supposed to be a complete reboot of one of the original gaming hits just for adults and darker.


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