Shits and Lesbian Giggles

Dreams 08.14.13
This one is weird and gross to recall. I am kind of glad I don’t remember more of it. Warning: It includes descriptions of shit, literally. Do not read if this bothers you because it would bother me if I was you.

So I was in the dingy but large washroom of some club I think. The total washroom area was big. It had like 3-4 sinks but only one big half stall. By half stall I mean that half of the walls that who should contain this stall wasn’t there. It just didn’t exist and it was the side close to the door.

Let me explain the layout. The washroom was l-shaped. The end of the short part was the door. Along the long part were sinks and mirrors.  On the bottom side of the L was this half stall. The 2 walls that did remain shielded the user from the vantage point of the sinks and only if you stood in a way to really hide yourself.

So I had gone in there needing to do a number 2. No one was there I needed to go. At least there was toilet paper so whatever. Let’s just get in get out and be done with it. After I did my businesses I proceeded to wipe myself.

Once: wasn’t quite clean. That’s normal just keep going. Twice: there seemed to be more this time. Third time: a watery streak on the TP showed me I was far from clean. Then again, I seemed to be leaking more out of my butt but just ever so little. Over and over I wiped, using more small squares of toilet paper and I just wasn’t clean.

Then I heard a noise, someone was coming into the washroom. I quickly darted over to the corner for cover out of instinct, still bare assed, pants around my ankles. Only then when the person coming in glanced at me then moved over to the sinks, did I remember that the stall kept me most exposed to the door especially from where I stood.

The person must’ve seen the look of horrified embarrassment on my face. She tried to make nice. She said out loud, “Don’t worry honey we’ve all been there. Just do what you gotta do don’t let me interrupt you.” Feeling reassured I unstuck myself from the wall, still hidden from her site and continued the cleaning of my ass.

This time when I went to wipe, I was squirting out chunky shit water and sprayed it on the toilet seat and tank. At least it wasn’t a dark colored. It was pale and while extremely gross still I can’t imagine it being the other variety. I could’ve died from embarrassment. I tried to wipe again. Once more I sprayed out my asshole. This was frustrating and confusing.

Once more the girl tried to make me feel better. She kept talking to me to try to distract me from my embarrassment. I mean she was being so nice to me in this very private moment between me and my ass I actually became very receptive to whatever she said. I definitely got a feeling that she was hitting on me and like I said, I was sort of receptive. There was definitely a high lesbian vibe in that washroom.


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