Like A Ninja

Dreams 08.17.13
I was on a quest. I needed to find a way to the roof. I looked down from where I stood on the second story, or metal grated bridges and walkways, down onto the first story. Then I saw a SWAT team enter the multi story building. As soon as they passed I jumped down and ran out the door.

In had to wait for a friend so I stood hidden on some scaffolding on the outside of the building. There I found wooden sticks like popsicle sticks. I knew I would need them for later so I think I grabbed some.

Then I can’t quite remember what happened because I am trying to recall from notes I sleepily punched into my phone while taking a morning piss three days go. I thought I would share the next bit of the notes because they are funny. They make no sense.

“Arrive at top lost on to of run around look over ledges wrong
Sed trend hang out walk on wooden ledge peasy water they impressed
Back inside gond another level
Turns lights off to hide
Open to of LOL out might time
Heli in distance nervous
Climb down to kedge
Put my piece against EAL don’t make sense from vision in head
Feel around frustrated
Find package labelled e my name misspelled
Run away not opened wondering of thats it
Run to next station airport
Find husband m two friends
Surprised to see me I jin inconspicuous
Open package old pictures
Not Mich there
Not what expect was it worth it
Worth the risk
Whoever turned me on to quest said I would regret if not try
I wonder now would i? Have been?”

The next bit i vaguely remember. I get a phone call from an old friend or acquaintance with an opportunity to work in film again. I was happy for the opportunity and made sure they understood that I was sort of starting from scratch. Then I explained the call to my mother. I was excited that my time would all be taken up so I didn’t,t have to focus on the other shit I don’t want to think about. Maybe I could ride out some things.

Then I was at a resort, sitting on the hotel bed. I know I had just arrived but I was staring at a macbook screen. There was a countdown timer telling me I had to wait out a certain time befote I could go out and have fun. I knew that made no sense but I was torn between following the “rules” and just doing what I wanted, what would be fun and make me happy at the moment.


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