A Dream within A Dream

Dreams 08.20.13
Brought a coworker home to the house I grew up in except I felt like a teenager bringing a boy home for a school project. It’s a coworker whom I have a few common interests with but in the dream I “liked” this boy.

Most of our interactions were non verbal. I showed him to my room and my bed. We took out our school books and got comfortable. He laid face forward on the bed with a textbook. I went to change into comfy clothes and sat on the floor, knees up with a textbook, facing him. When I plopped down in front of him he looked up awkwardly at me and we smiled at each other.

I could see a hint of interest in his eyes but he was reserved. He had a girlfriend. I don’t know how much time had passed. I yawned and stretched, exposing my side and chest to him. I saw him peek over with interest but shortly after said he was tired. He asked where he was sleeping tonight and I honestly hadn’t thought of it at all. We were supposed to hear out to a school trip together in the morning.

I got up and started opening the doors to the other bedrooms. The guest room was occupied by my two cousins. My sister’s bedroom was locked and my mom was in the master bedroom. I looked across to the balcony area that my mom’s room led to. It looked all different. Instead of windows the walls had raw trim and yellow walls with a door that must be fake I thought.

Anyways I went back to him and said all the other rooms were occupied, he could just sleep here I guess, meaning in my room. I waited for a reaction but not long enough. I pussed out and quickly said or there’s the couch. Then u said since he was the guest l would sleep on the couch. With that, I swiftly disappeared downstairs, embarrassed by my own brazenness.

I went into the basement. Behind the doors of the finished landing area, it was like a mini underground city. There were illegal gambling rooms, bars, outdoor eateries and just all sorts of night time businesses. The hallways were busy with people of all manners of dress and stature. I saw many midgets running from room to room with bags of cash.

I reached out to a door handle to try and open a door and walked into a bar with horse racing on the TVs. As I was about to turn to leave, the boy, although now he looked different with a crazy fro of a hairdo, was right beside me, his body pressed right up against mine in a weird semi embrace. Whatever it was, it felt nice. He was dressed more like the people down here in this basement, in good rags. I leaned back and put my head on his shoulders, head Nuzzled against his neck. His hands found my waist and hips.

We walked forward like this in the dark basement occasionally passing through pools of light. Then we finally found the opening to the outdoor eatery and went out there. We must’ve spent some time there but it wasn’t a part of the dream. The next thing I remember was I walked back into the finished area of the basement, then up the stairs. The night had passed.

I wondered if I should go wake up the real boy from my room. Then I pondered how we would get to the school trip. I had no car. Did he drive? I had no idea. I knew that if we left the house now and took public transportation we would definitely be late. I kept walking upstairs towards my room, afraid of having to wake him.

I had women up and gone back to sleep after that dream. I know I dreamt then as well but cannot remember anymore.


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