Chauffeured, Handled and Left to Rifle

Dreams 08.22.13
I forget the beginning part of the dream but I was in a chauffeured vehicle with tinted windows en route somewhere. Inside the car with me was a calm and motherly celebrity handler type of figure and a very ruggedly handsome and tall man. I didn’t know if I was the celebrity or he was and either one of us the assistant.

I remember being ducked down in the seat my head almost lasting on the leather seats of the car. I saw in the sky in the distance a person I. A gleaming suit of futuristic armor, zooming at a steady pace across the sky in a flying mobility scooter. I was fascinated and pointed this out to everyone who didn’t seem impressed at all. I also know this was somehow related to the beginning part of the dream which I forget.

When we arrived at my destination someone reminded me that I was still in pajamas so I had better get changed.  A log sleeve striped black and brown shirt was tossed over me and I was expected to change in the car. I looked around. The tall handsome man had just gone outside but was standing right by the window. I could see his torso, or rather I saw his crotch area by the window. I looked out the other way and the motherly figure stood there but her voice told me to hurry up.

I tried to be modest and take off my current short and slip off the long sleeve in a smooth motion so that most of my breasts were covered in the process. As I did this my upper breasts and nipples unavoidably felt the cool air, just briefly. This made me conscious that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I now noticed that I wasn’t given one. I looked down at myself and couple see the outline of my breasts and nip plea clearly beneath the shirt. It made me feel embarrassed and sexy at the same time. I wondered if the handsome man would notice and look at me.

Then I was on my own inside a department store. It was busy and crowded inside as there was a big sale. I stood around the entrance to the rest of the mall, a massive one. There were clearance displays on 4 tires shelves against the wall for all kinds of low yo midrange quality makeup. I started looking through and picking up everything to find a bargain.

The demo products were in pretty poor shape. The  colored blushes and powders were spilled or covering the outside of pots. When I opened them and twisted them closed again I could see that I contributed to the spillage as specks of powder particles could be seen puffing out and up/down from the lids. I rummaged through some mini eyeliner a too. Everything in front of me was just a mess but it was a fun thing to do. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. If I found an amazing deal and the product was in good shape, it would’ve been a reward for my rummaging. Otherwise I was happy just rifling through.


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