A Contained Mini Quake

Dreams 08.25.13
I slept in the front room last night. Then in my dream I dreamt that I woke up from feeling the house move and a shout from husband from the bedroom, “Are you seeing this?!” He yelled. I jumped out of the bed to look out the window but I tripped as I reached for the blinds. I landed on my knees but as I did so I saw the landscape around the house move as if the house itself had been lifted and placed on a slow moving conveyor belt. The tops of houses and clouds sailed by the deep blue sky.

I rushed out of the bedroom not knowing what was happening. Then I headed downstairs and out the front door. When I went outside the house it was still, surprisingly, attached to the ground. However when I looked up at it something seemed off. I started to walk around the property to investigate.

The property was much bigger than the rural thing. I felt more like I was walking on the grounds of a mansion. At one point I walked up a little grassy hill which led to a large paved stone deck by the bean-shaped pool. There were a couple people in it. When they saw me approached the swam up to the side to meet me. When I saw they were not anybody I knew I just waved and walked away before I got right close to the pool.

When I looked at the back of the house or looked like either the front or the back had sunken in a touch and now the other end was higher. It wasn’t high enough to be off the ground but the house was visibly slightly slanted now. At points it seemed so slight that I really had to double check.

I stared hard at the straight lines on the aiding of the house. Then I tried to line it up with some distant, also straight object like another house or the pole of a streetlight. My assumption was definitely correct. The foundation of the house, part of it had shifted, causing one part of the house to sink or slide.

Figuring this out, I now wondered if this caused any damage to the property. I really did mean yo look but as I did this I didn’t seem to find anything. However all I could think of was how I would likely moss something because I didn’t know that the state I saw it in was the “broken” state. Then it would somehow cause water damage 6 months later resulting in a much bigger problem which husband would later blame me for because today I was about to report to him that I saw no signs of damage. He would then not trust me but be too busy/lazy to double check for himself.

In my head I saw it all play out as he yelled from inside the house if everything seemed fine on the outside.


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