Ping Pong Madness

Dreams 08.24.13
Saw highschool ex’s mom. She tells us (me and a man, most likely husband) the pipes or something in her house Hurst, or some other big structural problem with her house is falling apart. I felt bad for her but there wasn’t,t anything I could do for her.

We drove around her neighborhood then up the main street. We we’re headed to a ping pong parlor. When we got there we kind of had to wait for tables as it was very busy, finally some people asked us to join their game so husband got in first, I stood on the side watching and acted as the ball girl. I observed the place. They did it up nicely, like a bar with many ping pong tables. There were bright colors and neon lights and everywhere. The balls they provided were neon yellow. At the moment a bunch of them were getting hurled my way because players from several tables kept missing their shots.

I ran after them but as the balls bounced multiple times, even into the corner, where I should easily be able to grab them, I was all butterfingers. Everything kept slipping out of my hands.


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