Super Late and Worried

Dreams 08.29.13
I wake up all groggy and spaced out. Go to kitchen of the house I grew up in yo start breakfast and make coffee. I knew I would already be late for work but in such a fog I didn’t care. I wanted, needed coffee and food.

After I had cracked one egg into the pan, I tried to pick it up to jiggle it so it wouldn’t stick but it seemed like the pan was made of a thick but non rigid material. When I juggled the lab handle the whole pan bottom wiggled and I knew if I tried to loft this it would just collapse and spill hot eggs and oil all over the place. I had a real WTF frustrated moment. So I divert my attention to the second egg I left on the counter, reached for it then noticed that it’s shell had become soft. And half of it was oozing out like the thing was melting or melding with the countertop. I was so confused and frustrated that I just walked away from it all and left for work.

Now I am on the subway, aware of my tardiness and hungry. The subway system also seemed new. I didn’t seem to really know where I was going. At one point I stepped off the train to check the platform to see of it was he right way. Out of the corner of my eyes I see my dog scurry out of the train, slip and fall between the subway car and platform crack. (,hat could never happen in rural life. My bulldog is fat!) But when I saw her go under and panic i panicked. The train was still boarding so if I could just yell out loud it dive at any red looking buttons on the wall. That would make them stop everything!

I see my dog slither and squirm her way along the track rather quickly for a dog who just fell off the platform. I saw no emergency button in sight and it looked as if boarding was about to be done. I had to scream – now. When I opened my mouth no sound came out and the doors were just closing. I looked on in horror as I could still see my dog down below the train and no sound would escape my mouth. It was as if I had just lost my throat.

Then just as the train doors fully close, I saw my dog climb back onto the platform from under the train. I was able to call out now and even ran after her a little. However she continued to run the opposite direction and up the stairs to another level.

I stooped worrying then and focused on getting to work. I don’t know how Mich time had passed but it seemed like I was much later than before now and the train just left. Now I stood there waiting for the next one.

As I waited I looked at the system map more closely and realized there may be another way to work on the system. I followed some directions and signs, went down some stairs and found a place which had columns and a side gap which I assumed was for the train. It wasn’t a big gap in the platform floor. It was just a thin rail in the floor and a wide gap in the columns. I figured it was just different light tail system.

I stood there waiting and observed the surroundings. On the other side of where I stood were stores that old origami and paper model crafts. They had a couple of big displays of origami projects all absolutely tiny and intricate displayed under luv s inside a glass case. I wanted a closer look and saw how amazing the work that was out into this must’ve been. I also heard music with unknown Japanese lyrics playing softly in the background. Then I walked back to where I initially stood to wait and noticed the other person who was on the platform gone. I wondered when the train was coming. Then I noticed the “rail” on the floor wasn’t a rail at all. It was just a very thick 3D looking line, part of the decor of of this level. I looked around and thought, b-b-but the signs!

Then I saw a sign that actually indicated that trains were on the next level. I was so annoyed. Now I am super late for work.

Then I was at a house. Husband was there and the girl who used to live with us but now causing so Mich trouble, especially for him, were both there. There were 4 kids running around. I was confused not sure why I was there. By now I have missed at least 5 hours of work and no idea how long to get there still. I thought briefly maybe I need to call it quits.

I observed what was going on and husband and the girl were getting along quite well and she was trying to engage me in conversation but there was some undertone. It felt like we were all playing nice because the kids were around. Although there were a lot of genuine moments when interacting with just the kids. For myself I know that I am reserved and untrusting of them both in conversation.

At one point she was trying to make small talk with me and a kid runs up in front of me and plops his face on the sofa hut then looks up to a mile at me, then runs away. I said to her, why does he look familiar? She gave an answer which I now forget.

Finally I told them I should go and head to work. Husband tries to convince me to give it up. By the time I got there there would be no time for work. So I said then I will go home, I do not want to be here. I shouldn’t be here and before I went out the door, clearly said to him in front of her, and neither should you. Without really waiting for a response or reaction, I went on my way.

I found myself walking and roaming through underground tunnels that were neatly carved out into red sandy rock chambers. There were a lot of people here in these rooms, just drinking, taking drugs and partying. They were all very laid back and new 90s alternative hippie-like.

There were semi secret ladders that accessed hidden pockets of rooms up a level, standalone or connected to another cluster of rooms. I eventually got lost and joined into the party.

I must’ve passed out. When I woke up I tried to call my uncle (my mom’s boyfriend, more like my stepdad) and he told me I had been MIA for 55 days. When I heard that I was completely shocked. What happened to me? As he said that, a very chilled and completely uncharacteristic version of my uncle stood in front of me. He had a hippie headband on which I have never seen him wear. I couldn’t even imagine it. He put his fingers to his lips, made a quiet shush noise and shook his head. He meany to say do not listen to the Him on the phone. It was all lies, I had only been here for 5 hours.

I stared at hippie uncle, incredulous and I didn’t speak another work to the uncle over the phone. I hung up and walked away from him to look for my belongings. I was missing my purse and very worried. It had everything in it. My wallet, IDs, passport, etc.

It took me a long time of searching. I was getting teary eyed frustrated, going through every room in these sandy rock chambers. Finally I saw on a table a few pieces of IDs. I picked them up and they were mine! Then I looked behind the table which was tableclothed and searched the floor. My purse was right there! It was dumped out and all its contents were spilled on the floor but who cares I found it.

Then my mother appeared at the table and said to Mr, “I knew you would find it. You’ve always had great powers of deduction. It sounded like a compliment but I had my doubts. Then she went on to ask me exactly how I planned to use my skills and I stuttered as I made up things on the spot.


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