Savage Kitties

Dreams 08.30.13
I procrastinated and took all day to write this out. Some of the fantastical elements are definitely lost.

I either rode on a bus or some kind of open air transport through the city, which also had a lot of very old trees. It kind of felt like a skyscraper filled city had sprouted in the middle of a rain forest. It was sunny but misty at the same time.

I arrived at a tall building and went up the elevator with someone. It was a long but enjoyable ride. I think there was a lot of joking around. When I got off the elevator I realized I was going to work so I went to the office. I went to my cubicle and saw that my cubicle neighbour was an old tall skinny friend whom me and bff used to call Stickman.

I waved hello to him and he looked surprised. His astonished gawking seemed to be directed past me so I turned around to look.

Outside the large panoramic view window, I saw that the orange sun was starting to set behind the clouds to the left of me. It cast a great orange glow onto the tops of skyscrapers peeking up above the clouds. The clouds looked like they were at least 30 storeys below us. I could see snow drifting across as well. It was really beautiful and really weird. It was like the clouds that the skyscrapers poked through was the ground covered with snow and now it was getting even more covered with snow drifting, falling out of thin air.

I looked back to see if any other work colleagues were looking at this strangely beautiful scene. Then someone rushed up to the window and pointed downwards. Now the pane of glass was gone. We were leaning over the ledge looking directly downwards.

About 5 storeys below us was ground level. The ground was pure sand. A package had just been dropped and it broke as it hit the ground. A lot of cats or kittens rolled out. One other pile that rolled out had a lot of straw and pellets of some sort, and rats. The rats scrambled to eat the straw and pellets while the cats dove after them and tore them up. The contents of what fell out of the package very quickly diminished to nothing but cats.

Finally before the cats all dissipated and went their separate ways I saw them tear apart a black wolf’s carcass that had been splayed out, part of what fell from the package. The cats and kitties ripped this thing a million ways just pulling at it in opposite (all) directions, until the flesh and hide just tore. At the end, we were just staring at sand again.

It was exhilarating to watch.


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