Pests Begone and Waiting for a New Day

Dreams 08.31.13
It’s been many hours since I dreamt this so again I forgot a lot.  There probably isn’t much point to write this down…

At one point I remember swatting mosquitoes away from my face, neck and head.  I could hear them buzzing right up against me.  I was wrapped up in down blanket or jacket, trying to hide my neck from the attacking bugs.  This was at night time.  Then either I waited overnight in this blanket/jacket and spent all that time just chatting with someone until the next morning or this next part is just completely separate.  I was waiting at a train station to go somewhere on a bright grey overcast day.  One of the other people on the platform told me that they were getting rid of all their books before they got on the train. It sounded like quite the ordeal. I think they were moving somewhere about to start a new life.


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