Hot Dog Buns

Dreams 09.02.13
The dream had lots of sexual undertones but I can only recall the first portion of it in detail.

I was sitting at a picnic table with a bung of people I barely knew. Then AS, a particular comedian, whose podcast I am a huge fan of, arrives with a fee other people. In my dream he was a good friend. The host introduced the newcomers to the people at the table. AS picked up the petite host in a big hug and he was being loudly and obnoxiously affectionate for laughs.

I felt a twang of jealousy and then mentally slapped it away. I was being silly. When I did this I saw suddenly how tall AS was and how when he held up the host she looked like a little girl of no more than eight years old.

Then he got to me and I stood up as well since everyone was standing up yo say hi. Since I was good friends with him I didn’t expect much of a special greeting but at the same time, AS was making such a fake big deal about the rest to ham it up I figured he might do something.

When I stood up he just stared at me me his jaw dropped. I was suddenly very conscious of what I was wearing. Just a light t-shirt shorts that had grown just a touch tight. Then he said, “Oh my god!” And he put his arms out toward me for a hug. I obliged and stepped over the seat of the picnic table to approach him. As I did he said in his comedic publicly pervy voice, “Hot dog buns!”

Then the hug landed and his words just sunk into my head at that point as his long arms wrapped around me. The sexual image of his words just painted the image in my head then as he said that again quietly now just for my ears and his hands reached down and squeezed my buttocks. I came away from the hug face completely flushed, hoping nobody noticed.

Then we shuffled down the picnic table and sat down, I was on the end while AS sat beside me in the middle. We all looked towards the host as she was announcing something but I was not listening at all. AS had his big hands on my bare legs, stroking them so hard like he was trying to push all the flesh off my bones. I was a little nervous but only of being discovered by the friends around me but it actually felt really good. I wanted much more.


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