Dreams 09.03.13
My recall of this one is mostly out of order. It was, no doubt, influenced by my choice of game play this long weekend. I played a lit of Tomb Raider 2013 and Minecraft.

I was at work. Instead of cubicles we had long rows of desks. Our computers were side by side. Cables flows in between and behind. It was like a 90s computer lab at school but messier. I sat at a table with only one computer because I supervised a group. One of my reports asked me to help her and reboot her computer because something was wrong with her login. When I got to get workstation, I was surprised to find her friend there. She wasn’t a part of our department. Were we just sitting wherever we wanted, I wondered. As they fiddled with the login screen I waited impatiently, constantly looking over at my desk. I either had something I wanted or needed to do for work or there was something I was working on that I did not want anyone to see.

Then I was touring the grounds of a big gym. It was spread out over a large area with different rooms winding through the space. I felt like we were on a lower deck of a big ship. Sometimes it felt like the ground tilted in that way that they do only on ships. Not that things were not sturdy but I wasn’t always sure if it was the ship or me as a camera angle (my point of view) going “dutch”. I remember there being a lot of purple, white and reds.

I circled around people boxing each other on the floor. I wove in between people working out. I distinctly remember the feeling of the floor which was just a slightly buffers painted concrete. It was cold to the touch of my bare feet. The lights were a cool white coming from those lights that had a cage around it.

Then I looked out a window. I saw 3 rushing wide rivers intersecting just before our vessel which seemed to be stopped. There were deep whirlpools and swirls where the rivets waters met. At its edges the water foamed and bubbled. It all looked very violent. Beyond the whirlpools was a shore with some kind of village or town. It was all set against a darkly beautiful red and dark grey sky. A terrible storm was either coming or going.

I look at the village in the distance again and saw some of the features that I should note. I knew that I would eventually set foot on that shore. So is noted any places I could climb, walk across, zip line through, etc. I analyzed all this with my eyes and in my head I was categorizing each element as of they were blocks of material, block by block creating this landscape – an obstacle course I would soon engage.


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