Shrunken puppies, a ring and the promenade

Dreams 09.08.13
I was talking to someone about my dog missing. The showed me a bunch of “shrunken puppies” and told me to see if one of them was mine. I looked closely and they were just bunnies or Guinea pigs. They were obviously lying to me so I got into an argument with them.

Then I walk away, arms linked with someone. Another person walks up and gives me a small ring box. Inside was a wedding ring I never saw before. The person told me it was bought a long time ago by my high school ex, he intended that to be my wedding ring.

I opened the box and it was a fine thin gold band where the front portion of the gold was twisted to say my full name in cursive. I was touched but didn’t know what I was supposed to do with it. I kept it anyway.

Then I approach a group of people in a parking lot still angry about the con with the guinea pigs. I was clutching my partner’s hand then let go just before someone in the group noticed.

A tall guy turned around to address us. He said he noticed our hand holding and knew I was nervous and he told me not to be.

Then I forget the rest.

The order of the dreams is way off today. This may have been the next dream. There was something about foot binding. Maybe I put on super tight shoes like the ancient foot binding shoes.

I was also in a museum taking many pictures. There was one exhibit of a model boat capsized underwater in a long water tank.

Then I walked through a large mall/promenade area. It had people in it but not too busy. Somewhere in this place i noticed the architecture seemed like it was designed with Minecraft blocks like it was part of a dark grey castle.


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