Hide Out from Frustrations and Insecurities

Dreams 09.09.13
I dreamt that I was in a small old country house where the inside was renovated to maximize the space. It had many split levels which turned many corners. While it maximized the usage of space each new space you turned to was tiny and cramped. Here and there you would find a little window lit reading nook with a big ledge and a cushion to sit on. In another area by a window was a table just wide as the window. Narrow book shelves stood left and right.

I was roaming through this house textbook, notebook and pen in hand looking for a good place to hide and study. Every place looked cramped and uncomfortable but also very cozy at the same time. I was afraid of not being able to focus from falling asleep or just constantly fidgeting from discomfort.

Then I was sitting at my cubicle at work. My coworker came up to ask me something. He said, “I know everyone is going yo this thing at BMO Field this Friday but I’ve got a date. I’m bringing her up to Barrie. Do you know what is the best way to get there?”

Knowing he didn’t have a car I told her probably by train or bus. I pointed towards the direction of the station and then I started to tell him an alternative. Before I finished he changed the subject quickly on me. Hr pointed at his non existent sideburns, smiled and said, “I totally ruined it didn’t I?” It was cut very straight and noticeable when pointed out but otherwise it wasn’t that extraordinary.

I smiled back a little hesitantly. I was actually really annoyed. He came over here basically to announce that he didn’t care or want to participate in a group activity – fine. Then he gloats a little about having a date – fine. Then he pretends to ask for my help only to rope me into a half conversation, not even listen to what I am saying, so he could show off how hot he thinks he is with his stupid sideburns?

I don’t know how the rest of that conversation went but he eventually went away. Then I spent the rest of the dream wondering about this thing I was supposed to go to on Friday. Did I really have plans yo go somewhere? I only had a vague memory of making plans but where are the tickets for this thing? Did I forget to pay someone for it? Am I the dick who doesn’t pay people back for shit for ages and people talked about it behind my back? Did they even want me to go with them to this outing on Friday?


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