Power Outage and a Frank Conversation

Dreams 09.13.13
I dreamt that I was sitting in my cubicle at the office. One of my coworkers who sits a few cubicles away started walking towards me. I looked around and others were there as well but the office seemed kind of dark, unlike the usual when we are bathed in sunlight from the large windows which I sat beside. I thought i must be in the office really early for once. Why was everyone else so early?

Then suddenly all the lights turned off except the one directly over my spot. Then my coworkers all stood up and hovered around my area to look out the window. I said it looked like the power went out in the entire city.

I stepped up closer to the window and it was pitch black outside. I pressed my face right up against it and still couldn’t see anything, not even the outlines of buildings, nothing. Then I thought that the city’s power went out often in recent years then the thought trailed off into oblivion.

I looked back at my colleagues. They all hovered around without saying or doing anything. They didn’t have blank stares or anything like that. They were more like video game passive mobs, who just kind of waited around for the main character to do something while their animation was on loop.

In the next dream I remember sitting across from a girl who was an old acquaintance. We sat on what seemed like picnic benches at a park with other picnic benches and people. It wasn’t busy but there were definitely others close enough to here. She looked like the latina from Orange Is The New Black (spoilers) who got pregnant in prison.

Anyway she asked me how things were going. She seemed to know my husband. Despite not knowing her very well I started telling her that I wasn’t happy and that I was leaving him. Then she asked me in shock, what about the wedding? Seemed like this dream occurred before I was married. I said to her in a sarcastic but defeated tone, oh well that’s going to happen anyway. Then she freaked out on me calling me an idiot. She said you are sitting on a gold mine! Why would you even consider something like that?! A lot of people would want to be in my place.

I didn’t know exactly what she meant by the gold mine comment, maybe that hr was very capable and a good provider? I tried to explain that was not what I needed and that she didn’t know the half of what I had been through. She wasn’t listening though. For a split second in my dream, I doubted my decision to leave because I felt like a spoiled brat.

Then I woke up and tried to recall my dream. I recalled the office and power outage one and I guess I chained into another dream that way.

I dreamt that I was at my office again sitting in my cubicle. It was still early in the morning but it wasn’t black outside. I could see the city in the blueish hues of the morning light. Then from the corners of my eyes I saw my bosses and the other two older senior members of our team come toward me. I shrunk back into my chair as I did so. I think I was mildly afraid or intimidated.

Then I think one of my reports said that I should flick on my lighter and see if someone in the apartments across the street would echo me by showing their light. Instead of doing that, I shrunk back into my chair further. Finally I closed my eyes trying to take myself out of there.


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