Zooming by

Dreams 09.15.13
Returning home in a car. Husband was driving. We go past a strip mall and I see fdf. We catch each other’s eyes as the car zoomed past. We miss a turn that would’ve taken us home so we did a u-turn. Then I saw a train coming towards the same direction we were headed and I knew we may get blocked at the tracks. So we raced the train. At the last ten before the train would cut us off, husband tried to make a sharp turn but the steering locked up.

We skid across the road through the intersection fishtailing the way through. Then we continued driving until we stopped at the strip mall stop right beside fdf. He is waiting for a rental car in front of a place called Epic Rental company. Husband gets out of the car, gives him a curt hey and a nod. I stayed inside the car looking out at him like a sad puppy. fdf looked sad n pitiful of me.

At home, there was a wide party crawling with people: adults and kids. It was messy everywhere. I expected this but completely underestimated the craziness it would become. As I mingled my way through the party I met a very well dressed couple lounging on the couch. They were in full formal dress with brilliantly jeweled necklaces and belts. I commented on how lovely their jeweled pieces were and then they kind of of invited me back to their room for a threesome. I was flattered but shocked, not sure what to say and not sure I wanted to take up the offer. They said the offer was open all night and that I could go up to their room anytime I wanted. They gave me their room number and slipped out of the party.

Later, the majority of the party was winding down and many guests had passed out wherever there was space. I found myself on a sofa bed under the covers half naked with a man I didn’t know. He woke up when I did and I realized when I looked into his eyes that he was the gentlest and kindest person I had known. While I didn’t remember what had happened between us, if we even met each other earlier in the night, right now in the covers I just had a sense of comforting familiarity with him. He whispered and asked me my name I told him. We kept talking and he rolled over on top of me like we were gonna have missionary sex but we weren’t. We just kept eyes on each other as he laid on top between my legs.

As we talked, I found myself giving him a brief, but pretty detailed account for a first meeting, of my relationship history right up to now. It just felt like we had some kind of mystical connection and I trusted him completely. I felt safe with him, felt like he could and would try to do anything I needed.

Then suddenly I remembered something that happened before the nap. Someone had handed me a sticky note folded. There were numbers on one side and a series of numbers and letters on the other. It was a secret communication system between a very important person and the couple I met before, who were really ambassadors of something. I realized then that they weren’t propositioning me, they were trying to make contact. I had to be somewhere now and I rushed out otherwise some disaster would happen.
In the hallways of the hotel many people were rushing towards the grand ballroom. A show, which I was a key organizer, was about to start. If I didn’t get the message to the ambassadors the star of the show would be harmed. But I didn’t know where the star was, I just knew I had to get to the ambassadors NOW…except the hotel was humongous.

I ran as fast as I could. I saw my mom and she asked why I wasn’t headed towards the ballroom. I ran into some friends at the hotel shop and they pulled me in as they were loading up on notepads and pencils. They were on their way to the exams in the grand ballroom. They urged me to get prepared too and not wanting to waste time arguing I grabbed a bunch of stationary as well.

Then I saw the time, there were only 7 minutes left. There was no way I would reach the ambassadors in time. I needed somehow to find the star of the show now. In that moment, time seemed to slow down and everything became glowy and bloomy. The stranger from the sofa bed, who now appeared as a version of Alexander Skaarsgard, sort of like Eric Northman from True Blood when he lost his memory but really more of a separate entity from the real and fictional guy, materialized next to me. He looked into my eyes questioningly. I guess I told him what I needed with my expression. He held my hand, squeezed tight and then we were on a time-slowed hunt for this unknown star.

We were passing through people, walls, buildings, crossing large distances in a flash. Then the urgency I felt just fizzled away. I knew that he would be with me and we would avert disaster some way somehow. I felt com again, safe and content. I just held his hand searching with my eyes, all the while enjoying the surreal nature of the search, appreciating the otherworldliness of the flashing scenery zooming past me and observed the odd colors they have become.


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