Telling Off A Friend

Dreams 09.19.13
I dreamt that I was in a school or educational setting. I was either teaching or assisting a class. Fdf appeared at the door, facial expression blank or suppressed. He almost looked annoyed and impatient.

I was just finishing up something. He held up something in a grey plastic bag as if yo say hurry up I have something for you. I wasn’t expecting anybody to be there to visit me, least of all him. Then I realized it was because it was roommate’s birthday and whatever he held in his hands was related to that. I was disappointed. Despite being annoyed that he seemed impatient I was semi excites that he had come to see me but it turned out it had nothing to so with me and he was her reluctantly.

Now I was mad. When I walked up to him he didn’t even say a word to me. He just gestures like he was mute or was trying to skirt the “rules” by not directly speaking to me. Then I yelled at him. I don’t remember exactly what I said to him but pretty sure the summation of it was that I called him a coward.

He didn’t really react to my strong words. He looked like he was just taking it, pretending to be indifferent so he could leave. That frustrated me even more. When I was done berating him, that’s exactly what he did. He just left.

I stood there for a second and returned to my friends and colleagues feeling very alone and not wanting to be there at all.


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