Bushy Browed Traveller

Dreams 09.20.13
There are few details today and where there are, they are odd.

I was in a new place, a different country in a new city. It was definitely a big city, either London, Japan or Shanghai. It definitely wasn’t in North America. The quality of light was different.

I was basically roaming about having an adventure. I think I probably walked through massive multilevel shopping centres and oddly shaped intersections. Then my phone rang and I picked up. Of was my dad.

It was rare for me to talk to dad but it was good that hr called. He asked me where I was and in my dream I was able to tell him. He asked me what happened to my sister and brother in law. I told him we went our separate ways after lunch. I think they were leaving me alone to explore, which was great because I was having a grand ol’ time. There wasn’t much more to say and we hung up after that.

I remember looking in a mirror, doing my regular makeup routine. When it came time to fill in and brush my eyebrows I notices they were very thick and long. It’s like the more I brushed them the thicker they got. They were so bushy and thick that I could see how healthy the eyebrow hairs were because they had a nice sheen. These things were the size of two fingers! If you cut off two tiny patches of shag carpeting made of the finest human hair and hours then to your brow bones. That’s what they looked like.


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