Roleplaying is only an exercise – Not Real

Dreams 09.21.13
In this morning’s dream I was acting the part of Harry Potter with some random girl as my very own Hermione. To say that I “acted” is kind of inaccurate. It felt more like we were being forced through the set I of the first Harry Potter film by an errant returned from the dead Richard Harris Dumbledore. Also the set and scenes were really from my imagination. Once I woke up I knew they were not from the film at all.

At the start of the dream, my Hermione and I stepped out of a large loose wall tile into a spacious bathroom with a raised tub. We carefully replaced the tile and huddled together in the bathtub that sat in the corner. Someone, Dumbledore was in pursuit of us. When we heard his footsteps echoing in the hallway behind the set beyond the removable tile, we knew we had to find a new place to hide. I “saw” crazy Dumbledore break through the removeable tile in the wall of the bathroom. The tile shattered into bits of drywall – it wasn’t even real tile. He seemed to be in a drunken rage or just drunk with rage.

We exited the bathroom and then I suddenly found myself falling out of an aluminum chute onto some medieval looking bamboo scaffolding. Hermione and I climbed down the rickety structure quickly, as only nimble children could. There was a crowd gathered around some spectacle. The floor was just mud. A speaker was addressing the crowd which stood in a large circle in the wide mud pit. At the edge of the crowd the scaffolding ended.

We decided to join the edges of the crowd while moving under the scaffolding in hopes of staying hidden once Dumbledore figured out where we were headed. As we walked, the crowd would occasionally give a loud cheer at whatever they gawked at. In these moments Hermione and I would look at each other to check the other was okay. When we got to the end of the crowd and there was just an empty muddy street before us, we heard the drunken wizard loudly crash onto the scaffolding above after falling out the chute. I grabbed Hermione’s hand and led the way.

We dove into a glass window and started down a flight of stairs that floated high in the air inside a giant 7 sided greenhouse. The stairs were painted white steel. In midair they connect with another set of similar stairs, to another and then another before it reached the ground. We just kept our kegs moving, almost rolling down the steps before looking up to see how much ground we had covered.

When we finally reached the bottom and felt a touch safer, we looked up towards the window we climbed through. I stood their in awe of this magnificent glass structure and the steps we descended to get to where we were now. Then a crash.

Dumbledore had just jumped through the window and he was now skipping multiple steps down the stairs to get to us. His ungraceful movements shook the steel stairs so that they rang with a mid toned hum that echoed inside the greenhouse. I could also see the stairs sway slightly.

It was at this moment that I realized that I wasn’t in the movie or even playing the part of Harry Potter at all, either as a recreation of the movie or in some realistic fantasy.  I was just a tourist running through a set, not even in the order that the scenes played out in the movie. I was just running away from some drunken crazy person who may not even be the actor who played Dumbledore. I mean I wouldn’t know. It’s not like I am a huge fan of the series. All of that meant I didn’t have to be afraid at all. I did not have to run.

I don’t think I specifically looked for Hermione at this point but in hindsight she was definitely not around me anymore.


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