Euphoric Roadtrip

Dreams 09.23.13
I was on a road trip with 3 other people. The car/truck had a very wide bench front seat. The 4 of us were squished together on the bench. I was right beside the driver. There was another person beside me and on the end was a person who works in my industry. He is tall, very intelligent and quite charming. Admittedly I have a bit of a crush on him.

In the dream we were on a road trip somewhere and the 4 of us were engaged in conversation. Well it was mostly the driver and this guy talking. He had his arm up on the back of the bench to make note room for sitting and so did I. His was more stretched out along the seat while elbow and arm were just hanging off the back, my fingers hooked onto the seat. As the car bumped along on the road, sometimes our bare arms touched and I got a giddy thrill out of it.

I listened to the conversation in awe, often times wanting to chime in. At one point this guy tilted his head and looked right at me inviting me to join in and give an opinion. I grinned a goody smile and said sheepishly, “I am too high to talk but this conversation is wonderful.” And it was. I felt so good sitting there in the truck. Warm and safe, squished among friends, the sun and open road ahead of us. We were on our way somewhere fun. We all had smiles on our faces. Conversation was intriguing and the hairs on my arm stood on end to feel the brushing-bys of a hairier arm. Everything felt amazing!

Dreams 09.22.13
I don’t remember the details of my Sunday morning dream but I do know there were a lot of loving euphoric feelings there as well. I remember gazing up into the eyes of my dream lover from his lap where I lay. We lounged by a poolside or on a grassy hill amongst friends at a chilled out lawn party that we were hosting.


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