A Rodent and A Kiss for Peace and Gratitude

Dreams 09.24.13
There was something about me giving a fat white mouse to a taller girl either as a sign of peace, condolences or farewell – maybe a little of each. I remember being amongst women in a house walking around back and forth between rooms. For what reason I am unsure but as I walked I had a strong sense of purpose and ready for delegation.

Later in the dream I was driven to a train or airport by a taxi driver. His taxi was well kept with clean and soft leather seats, worn but no cracks. He took me there swiftly making wide turns and weaving but never dangerously. It was a quiet fun ride. When he stopped at the train station or airport entrance, I turned to pay him and he politely declined. Instead he handed me two tickets to the train/flight. I said, “No I couldn’t possibly take anything from you. I must pay my farr especially after that!” I was referring to some apparent drama that he was witness to when he picked me up. He shook his head. I couldn’t tell if he was shy or how English wasn’t so good. He gestured for me to take the tickets.

Finally I smiled, took the tickets from his hand and thanked him profusely. Just before I exited I dove back towards him grabbed his cheeks and planted a kiss on his lips in thanks. Then I jumped out, my backpack and luggage with me and entered the port, not looking back.

As I walked I to the ever expansive space of the port, my mind wandered to what more I could have offered him in thanks.


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