An Apartment Hunt and Reading with Friends

Dreams 09.26.13
I was apartment hunting, visiting various places, researching, looking at floor plans then seeing how they really turned out.

At one point I found a place with a narrow hallway and 3 rooms at a low-ish price. I wondered if it was intended so that the owner could rent it out for student housing. Then I wondered if each room would have Queen or two singles. Either layout looked strange when I envisioned it.

I went back out to the hall where a couple friends hung out. Now it felt like we were on a cottage vacation. They had taken out their books to read. I was excited because it was reading time! So I went to my room to find the couple of books I brought so I could figure out which to read. Husband looked at me incredulously, with an expression that meant, “What?! You’re going to read? What am I supposed to do then?”

I tossed one of the dog-eared books I had finished at him and said something like maybe he would enjoy that if he took the time to sit still and try to understand something besides his own thoughts.


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