Multupurpose Dance Studios

Dreams 09.28.13
Walked into a studio with a drama class or something happening. I was helping take pictures. When the job was done I noticed that the scenes being rehearsed was now blocking the front door. I felt ruse cutting through the scene and interrupting. The front doors and windows had big windows that gave me a good view of outside and I stood at the bleachers patiently waiting until I could go out there.

A tall guy approached me. It was the tall drink of water. He said he saw me from across the room and figured he’s say hello before I left. I was so delighted to run into him that I gave him a big hug. I think I surprised myself and him.

Then another tall guy, one of his friends saunters over speaking loudly, chiding his friend for not making the introductions between me and him. He was trying hard to meet me and Hiya forceful way of going about it was charming invite own way. I just smiled at them both and enjoyed the chatter amongst the friends.

Then I was somewhere else for a time. I distinctly remember pouring out two large bowls of cereal. One on one room, the other bowl in another on a kitchen table for me. As I waited for something the person who I poured the first bowl for starts talking to me, completely not letting me walk away because he/she wanted someone to hear them blather on about nothing. I did not want to be rude. I just waned my cereal. I stood there looking from one room into the other room where my large bowl sat. I imagined the cracks and fizzles as it sat there getting soggier by the second.

Then I ran back into another dance studio. This time I was supposed to take a class. This studio had mirrors on all walls and one side was sloped up. The class had already started and they were slowly descending the slope via dance. I caught the eye of the instructor as I walked in but rushed straight to the washroom. I was late for class.

I sat on the toilet seat and did my business. When it came time to wipe myself, I did so but then I did a weird thing where I took a little motorized drill and pushed it against a screw. I pushed the on button and then I felt or saw the residue fly off the end of the drill. It was like when you drill a hole through wood and the grooves of the drill get filled up with sawdust. To get it off you just give it another quick spin. Whatever I did was just like that.

Then I flushed, washed my hands and went out to join the class.


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