Dreamd 09.29.13
I was a newly hired assistant inside a mental hospital/prison. I was getting a tour around the fascilities and a talk about my job scope from my new boss. We walked around an area where there were two large pools of reflecting liquid (water presumably) set against two large white circular columns with ladders going up the side which lead to a circular opening at the top. There was lots of diffuse sunlight coming from the ceiling from what I can only assume to be large skylights.

What was in the opening at the top I could not see from my level but the whole thing just looked like an old architecturally designed part of the building. Maybe some old-modern concept for a plant less courtyard.

As my superior blathered on I heard the sounds of a struggle from one of the openings in the columns. Then there was a scream. Then immediately I saw a body fly out the opening. A chunk of time went missing. Then I saw the splash into the reflecting pool which was now fizzing and bubbling as the acid within it devoured the body that fell in. The body colored the pool with tiny swirls of blood around the fizzling bubbles as it sank slowly into the pool until the body itself could be seen no more. The bubbles continues for a few seconds more than a glop-glop. Then the pool returned to its previously pristine, perfect appearance.

I was not quite horrified buy definitely surprised. When I looked over at my superior he had stopped talking buy not from the excitement that I just be witnessed. Rather, the expression on his face questioned whether I was listening because he would only resume if I listened.

I guess I showed him with my expression that I was indeed listening because he continued. We continued to walk around the pools. I made aire to keep a “safe” distance this time. I saw another assistant walk with a patient towards us. It was a woman, her long hair completely coveted her face. She seemed to glide as she walked.

Then I saw her spin around and at the tail end of her spin, she tossed her hair back, put her hands out in front towards the assistant and made a sudden hissing noise. The assistant jumped back a few steps in terror and then the woman did it again. This the assistant ran away. We were approaching closer now and the woman caught a sight of me. I knew she was about to try to scare me now and I was scared. I thought in that moment that if I looked into her eyes I would see a million ghosts.

I could feel her eyes locked on me as another assistant ran towards her trying to put restraints on her but she was still now. All she did was watch me as me and my superior drew near. I didn’t know when she was jump me and my heart pounded.

Just as we passed by I saw in slow motion her body as she lunged at me, her hair beginning to part with the forward momentum revealing her pale white face. Her lips were upturned at the corners in a grim grin. I saw her arms raised in front of her now, the assistant behind her confused by how she had broken free. Then I think I woke up without ever seeing her eyes, though that would have been next.


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