Random Bits of Embarrassment, Urgency and Sex

Dreams 09.30.13
I don’t have a lot of detail today. The order is also wrong, probably.

1) I arrived at a house in the area where I grew up, with a friend. Inside I saw my high school ex’s mother taking a cookie sheet of something out of the office. It was great to see her. Except when I opened my mouth to say hello, I stumbled on what to call her because she was relatively recently divorced. I had always called her Mrs. (Followed by my high school ex’s last name) but now that seemed incorrect. Somehow my last name came out because that’s how people referred to my mom but she was also divorced and it was incorrect. Anyway, I was embarrassed for my mistake and she insisted I call her by her first name.

2) I was walking across multiple parking lots in a warehouse area. I believe I was in search of a particular warehouse where I was to do something important. There was a sense of urgency and I felt inadequate for not being able yo fins this place.

3) I was playing unicorn in a threesome with a particular movie director and his wife, who in the dream was 20 years younger. I was into them and the idea but at that moment not particularly interested in a prolonged session. I just wanted to get it done and over with. I vaguely remember some sexual acts but then they wanted to take a break and just cuddle with each of the girls lying at his side with his arms across our shoulders, I was kind of put off. O did not really want to mash my body against another person in a full body embrace kind of way just then. I could’ve made an excuse and refused but I thought I was being silly so I did it anyway. We squished ourselves into a tiny bed. If not for his arm around my shoulder and my arm u set him grabbing onto his waist, I probably would’ve fallen off the bed.


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