Storm’s Comin’

I took a little holiday from recording my dreams. Having yo write them down while commuting in the morning was taking away valuable nap time. I went through about a solid week where I just didn’t recall anything. Then I gave myself some gentle reminders saying just remember but no need to write it down if you don’t feel like it. Just like that I was able to get back to remembering at least most of one dream. Like yesterday’s dream I remembered pretty well but it would’ve been full of references to feces again so I just decided it didn’t need to be written. In short, I’ll sum up what I learned from yesterday’s dream: Some things you do in life will feel like you are getting caught with your pants around your ankles, wiping your shitty ass on a toilet in the corner of a dining room. You will be dying of embarrassment and shame but just get through it, you’ll be fine.

Dreams 10.17.13
I was at work. A couple of other people were around my desk. One in particular was a new project manager who has been getting on my whole team’s nerves. She always seemed a little clueless but she was always being too diligent in her follow-ups to the point of being extremely annoying.

Anyway, a rush of people from surrounding cubicles crowded at the large windows behind me. The three of us turned around as well to look. We saw a small storm cloud with a column of rain move from one building to another as with remote controlled precision. It headed straight towards our window but slammed into the story below us dissipating. Behind in above the horizon were an endless ocean of similarly dark clouds.

When we all saw this, everyone turned around back to their desks to pack and begin the evacuation. The annoying project manager still hovered around my desk wanting to continue and finish our discussion about the project, pointing at screenshots on my computer screen. As I packed, I told her that she had best be packing up a few things herself since the storm was not far off. We were sure to be evacuated soon and it looked like everyone else was packing too.

She stood there insisting that the project was very very important and we couldn’t just pause work on it because of some silly storm. As I opened my drawers and opened up a waterproof plastic drawstring backpack and stuffed it with a couple long sleeved shirts, I remembered the storm that happened the previous time that resulted in a late evacuation. My clothes were soaked and I felt cold and wet for a long time. I was glad to be prepared this time.

With an image in my mind of how this office building floor looked during the last flood, the windows had been shattered and water was knee high all around, papers drifting by, gusts of wind rolling through the building knocking over lamps and plants, I told her to hurry and pack. I said something like, just because you can’t imagine what this office looked like the last time it was completely wrecked by the storm, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The storm is coming. It’s here. It’s now, literally on top of us. Be ready.

Then I headed towards the stairs where a lineup was already starting to form. For a brief second I had a vision of the building’s foundation collapsing just in the corner of the building where the staircases were. And I saw the building from the outside and in, ripped apart, exposing the staircase to the storm. I quickly shook it off and focused on “reality”, looking around for an alternative to escaping via the stairs.


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