Burning Bricks and Water Gardens

Dreams 10.23.13
I do not remember full narratives today, just a couple of pieces.

I was standing around a wooden/iron decorative wheelbarrow with 3 other people. One of which may have been husband. We were each placing fuel soaked rags wrapped around pieces of brick or cinder blocks onto the wheelbarrow, neatly, side by side. I was just wrapping mine up about to place it. The other two were getting ready to light their bricks either with matches or some kind of flint and metal system. Husband looked on asking what we were going to do. I found myself somewhat condescendingly explaining that we will light the bricks and watch them burn for sheer enjoyment.

Later in the dream, I was in this big mansion or complex decorated like an old Chinese or Japanese manor, with water gardens, bridges, brightly shingles roofs, lilly pads and such. It was a party and I was a guest.

I was talking yo a girl who was supposed to be a cousin on my mom’s side. I actually don’t have any that young on that side of the family. I specifically remember that she said she was 24 because that’s when I said, oh you should meet my other 24 year old cousin from my dad’s side. I have n’ idea if the real cousin is 24 but it seems about right.

Anyway I proceeded to lead her through the manor, across a bridge towards the water gardens to an area outside a building that overlooked the water. There was my 24 year old cousin from my dad’s side. For some reason the fact that they were the same age made me think they would really get along. As I walked with one cousin in tow, I conjured up the image of my other cousin that we were going to see. They seemed to be alike and had a similar style. I remember husband trailing along behind us wondering what the hell I was doing, playing friend match maker. I just ignored him and continued on.


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